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Zoo Lake Bowling Club

Venue Details Type - Bars, Restaurants

Sub Type - A bit of everything , Steakhouse/grillhouse

Ambiance - Come as you are

Zoo Lake, Parktown, Johannesburg

011 646 1131

Venue info

The Zoo Lake Bowling Club ain't no Manhattans but it's one of the best places to booze it up in Johannesburg. You can hit this pub in your baggy tracksuit and feel completely at home. The drinks are ridiculously cheap. You can eat good pub food for a fraction of the price that most places in Jozi charge. Patrons range from families with small children on a Saturday afternoon to 18 year old party animals on a Friday night. It's also a cool spot to stop in at for lunch during the week. Some people claim its cheaper to eat at the bowling club than eat at home!
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