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A Photographic Safari

Don't Safari the common way! Improve your photographic skills and encounter South Africa's wildlife on a glorious photographic safari

Picture this scene: two male lions on the prowl, leopards devouring their prey, some 20 elephant grazing and hyenas scavenging for the remains of an elephant carcass. These are just some of the amazing moments I managed to photograph on a recent trip to the Arathusa Safari Lodge in Sabie Sands Game Reserve.

Each photographic course offers "students" the opportunity to be awe-struck by the regal beauty of each of our big five and shoot in a way that reflects not only the exquisiteness of the animals but your own photographic personality.

With two game-drives a day, there are ample opportunities to master the technical aspects of photography such as lighting and composition. A passive and laid-back teacher, Ute allows you to snap away, offering her practical advice and inspirational input throughout. Through the reflection sessions after each game-drive, we learnt how to better our technique.

Seeing the world through a lens for three days was a true eye-opener. With luxury accommodation and exquisitely prepared meals, it's a fabulous getaway. Ute arranges unique packages for each group in locations across SA, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, and Mozambique.

076 508 5850

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