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Guard, accessory or man's best friend?

Since the dawn of civilisation the title for man's best friend has belonged to the dog. Early human settlers used dogs for hunting, herding, protection and companionship.

Today men's favourite pet still does all those things but plays a more important role in people's lives, such as assisting handicapped individuals.

So significant is the dog in society that we can use the way dogs are treated in different environments to evaluate the economic status of that environment.

Think about it. In the suburbs dogs are treated like members of the family. They live in the house; some even share a bed with kids. You'll even get individuals who buy diamond chains and leather jackets for their dogs, people who treat dogs better that they would human beings.

In the townships the dog's treated slightly differently. He doesn't live in the house and he's fed leftovers. In fact the most common use for dogs in townships is to guard the yard at night.

But before you think ill of township folk, please bare in mind that poverty has a hand in this. Many parents can't afford to buy food for the kids let alone the dog. And not all Kasi families treat dogs badly. As a matter of fact my next door neighbours adopted a puppy recently, and they treat it like part of the family without sharing a bed with it.

So in ascents the dog plays a more important to man that we would admit but whether you have one for companionship, security or as an accessory, treat the dog like right, it is after all a man's best friend.

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