The best Joburg coffee shops to work at

The best Joburg coffee shops to work at

by JHBLive                              Posted: 2018/11/13

For all the freelancers and admin enthusiasts out there

Joburg is a city that’s always in motion. Whether you’re a freelancer, an office-dweller on lunch break, or you run your own business, there are loads of spots in the city to get a bite to eat, grab a strong cuppa coffee, and get on your grind.

If you’re looking for a spot to get some work or admin out of the way, check out a few of our favourite spots in the city.

Double Shot (Braamfontein)

Located in the heart of bustling Braamfontein, Double Shot promises strong coffee and delicious pastries. The place is small, but bustling and is a great spot to get a bit of quick admin knocked out while you tap into the energy of the surrounding city. If you’re not a caffeine junkie, they also make a great selection of teas!  

Motherland Coffee (Various branches)

Motherland is known for great food and strong coffee, as well as a thriving, but relaxed environment, perfect for getting a bit of work done. Their Parktown and Dunkeld branches are always bustling and well-worth a visit, but their newest Rosebank branch is both roomy and quiet enough (for now!) to get a decent chunk of work done. Don’t forget to ask for your complimentary wifi code when you order. The wifi’s limited to about 30-45minutes, but it does the job.

Service Station (Melville)

If you’re looking for a spot to settle in for the morning or afternoon while you get that whole deadline dealt with, Service Station is the place to be. They’ve got a wide variety of hot and cold drinks, an impressive food menu, as well as a buffet-style lunch which is easy on the wallet. While the place is always busy, it’s mostly filled with quieter, newspaper-reading types so you’ll have no trouble getting some peace and quiet while you work. And for all the bookworms out there, they’re also right next door to Love Books!

Bread&Roses (Melville)

Bread & Roses is a popular venue for brunch-enthusiasts and many a creative business meeting held over lunch. It’s also a great spot to get a bit of writing or general admin done. The kitchen serves up a wide-range of delicious meals and quick bites and the coffee is always strong and fragrant. Any order comes with a wi-fi code, too, just ask. Choose to sit indoors at one of the plug-points, or take a small table outside to soak up the atmosphere of Melville’s 7th Avenue.

Kofi Afrika (Soweto)

Kofi Afrika is well-known for its ice-cold smoothies and piping hot coffee. Located on vibrant Vilakazi street, the place is perfect for a quick bite and is great for quick meetings or a quiet spot to get some of those emails tended to. For the coffee-snobs, be sure to check out their special Ethiopian and Tanzanian blends!  

Breezeblock (Brixton)

A venue out of time, Breezeblock Café offers brilliant brunch, strong coffee, and some of the coolest retro décor. Choose to sit inside at a small table by yourself, or hang out outside with the fish of one of Joburg’s most instagrammed water-features. The place is usually quite busy, but it’s always quiet enough to stay focused on your screen.

Father Coffee (Braam and Rosebank)

Let’s be honest, would this really be a Joburg-based coffee shop listicle without including Father Coffee? The city’s most Instagrammed coffee shop has branches in both Braam and Rosebank and is a great spot for a quick bit of admin or a bite to eat while you work. Be sure to ask their brewers about all the different kinds of coffee you can expect, and grab a tasty pastry while you’re at it. 

For all the freelancers and admin enthusiasts out there



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