The Best Fresh Pressed Juices in the City

The Best Fresh Pressed Juices in the City

by Mamello Sejake                              Posted: 2017/04/11

Winter is coming

The chilly winter season is close – very close! And, so are the sniffles and string of sneezes that will be doing the rounds in most spaces occupied by humans so you best keep yourself healthy. Get your flu shots, take your vitamins and consume anything and everything that gives your immune system the boost it needs.

I say freshly pressed juices are the way to go. In terms of taste they aren’t everyone’s fav but in terms of giving you the good stuff that your body needs they’re best. They’re also made in a dope way making sure that no heat is employed in the juicing process, hence the pressing as opposed to using spinning blades, to make sure that none of the nutrition is lost to the heat.

So, here you go good people, a short list of some of the best fresh juices that’ll get you through the next few months.

Fournos Fresh Pressed Juices

Gawd Fournos does the damn thing in terms of juicing goodness. Unfortunately you can’t get a freshly pressed juice at all of the stores but at the ones where you can you absolutely must! There are six amazing flavours that are all equally as delicious.You can take a pick from either the Citrus which is made from summer citrus and mint; the green which is spinach, kale, apple and lemon; the Orange which has carrots, apples and ginger or the Pink which has beets, carrots, apples and ginger.


Bliss Juicery

The tag line is “100% natural, 100% good for you!”. Bliss Juicery are serious about making cold-pressed juices, smoothies and wellness shots that are designed to boost your body and make available helpings of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Their juices are yum AF and fortunately they have a store that houses all their juiced gems in Craighall however if you can’t make it there but you’re within a 15km radius then they can deliver. Order at


This is one of my personal favourites and as cliché as it’s going to sound every time I’ve had one of their juices or smoothies I’ve walked away feeling mad impressed! They distribute in different ways varying from a few cool concept stores around Joburg including one at 27Boxes in Melville and in Sandton at the Gautrain Precinct, you can find them at some of the major markets and moving around town in their dope juice truck. Each juice is a vibrant colour because of the fruits and vegetables inside and they’re designed to quench your thirst while bettering the efficiency of the body's natural “house-keeping system”. If you’d like to get in touch or make an order (because they also do bulk orders) visit


Juice Co.

Juice Co. is the brainchild

 of a group of friends. Its inception came from a yearning to find fulfillment and balance on a day-to-day basis, their solution? 24 different flavours of freshly pressed juices made from a concoction of fruits and vegetables. The juices are a speedy and easy source of energy for your body to help you get through every curve ball life throws at you with your head held up high. Unfortunately you won’t find them in stores but you can order online from They offer a range of juices specially made for cleansing as well as, a booster range, kids packs and the rainbow of other juices.


Winter is coming



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