Nine Things To Do Before Summer Dies

Nine Things To Do Before Summer Dies

by Mamello Sejake                              Posted: 2017/02/28

It’s autumn and that means that the nippy weather is near so here’s a list of things to do before then.

So, yes South Africa doesn’t traditionally experience four distinct seasons but theoretically, it’s the 1st of March and that means that we’re now officially in autumn.

After this past week we can safely say that Mother Nature has no allies and can turn off the warm weather just as fast as she can put it back on. With that said I feel that it’s imperative that we make the most of the sunny days; dance like nobody's watching and live like our youth is nearing its end (regardless of how old you are).

Here’s a list of must dos before the nippy winter weather invades us…

1. Go skinny dipping

What’s life without whimsy yo?

Yep, you heard me; round up your friends, take a deep breath, grab a beer, get nakey and take a dip!

Remember when you were younger and, after a few drinks built up the courage to skinny dip? The rush, the fun, the laughs, the memories? Let’s recreate them why don’t we?

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2. Go to a rooftop party

Oh my gosh! Close your eyes and picture this… you in whichever number gets you turning heads, a cold something in the palm of your hand, a seamless view of the city skyline against the setting sun ahead of you, This Is What You Came Here For playing in the background and your bests dancing beside you! Boo, those are moments worth living for!

You must, must indulge in an exuberant sunset rooftop party at least once in your lifetime and I’d say that this is the best time. And there’s something for everyone, every crowd and every vibe – just do it why don’t you?

3. Wear your summer best

So, in the same way that some people have their special china that they only use on special occasions I imagine that one or two of you have a sexy summer item that they’re waiting for the “perfect” time to wear. News flash… this is the perfect time!

Our sunny days are numbered, dear friends, and suppose an bomb were to hit the earth during winter (dramatic right? I know!) – how silly will you feel knowing that you didn’t stop traffic in that sexy summer number? If you’re worried that you’re not tanned enough yet or slim enough then I say; f*ck it - you’re faultless! 

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4. Go on a bike ride

Now that you’re grown, how often do you play? Maybe you don’t think of riding a bike as playing but it was such a joy when we were young, no?

On the first day of spring last year I went on a ride with a few friends and a bunch of strangers. We started in Maboneng, detoured around the Ellis Park Stadium, rode through Bezvalley’s steep streets and then found a lovely spot in front of the lake at Rose Park. We had burgers, beers and ran after each other shooting water guns – certainly something to write home about!

Across the city there are plenty of riding clubs, and places that rent out bikes, which hand you plenty of opportunity to meet new people, get in a bit of exercise, catch a gaze of the city (or your surrounding areas) and freaken have a heck of a lot of fun.

5. Go for a picnic

How often do you picnic? I can’t say that I do it enough.

Get creative and pack a basket, plastics or even a boot or all your favourite things. Make sure that you’ve got a jazzy playlist on hand, call your friends and enjoy a picnic. Joburg has got quite a few beautiful spots like Emmarentia Dam or one of the leafy botanical gardens but I’d give it a twist and perch myself on a rock at the Northcliff Hill for a view that’ll beat them all.

Whatever tickles your fancy just find somewhere to picnic please!

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6. Go camping

I imagine that a few of you pulled a face to this but I’ll say it again, go camping!

This is the perfect time while the weather is still on your side and obviously when it isn’t raining.

It’s pretty dope to step outside of your comfort zone, swop your bed in for a mattress of any sort, and wake up in nature now and then. Perhaps go the whole nine yards and don’t just go camping, camp at a music festival?

7. Find a mulberry tree

In primary school stopping to pick mulberries on the way home was always so enjoyable. I’ve always been pretty short and it was pretty frustrating because, naturally, the ones that were within arm’s reach for me were always the first to go. I’m taller now, and although I imagine that late in the season they’re also already picked but I still think it would be great plus they’re mad yum.

Anybody else keen to find what’s left of the mulberries and pick a few?

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8. Go to an outdoor movie

Right now I can’t tell you when the next one will be but I can tell you to watch our gig guide for a lead.

Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a movie under the stars, without freezing your face off? Take your crush or your lover and steal a kiss maybe? Or your friend, of course, and get a slushie with the intent of drinking it quickly to see whether you get brain freeze.

Get goofy yo, summer is ending!

9. Get some ice cream

Ok sure, for some of you this is probably not a big deal and you have ice cream on the regular. But for people like me, who are without a sweet tooth and seldom have ice cream I think it’s worth putting on the list. Over the years people have gotten horribly creative with ice cream and it’s practically a culture of its own.

I’m keen to get a cone and find a swing set and just enjoy two of the simple things in life.

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Header image by @samcowen

It’s autumn and that means that the nippy weather is near so here’s a list of things to do before then.



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