Meet Brewhogs Microbrewery

Meet Brewhogs Microbrewery

by Editor                              Posted: 2017/05/01

An offering from the craft beer Gods above

Ahead of the highly anticipated Capital Craft Beer Festival 2017, we decided to get to know some of the genius brewers who will be taking part. We had a chance to chat with Brewhogs Microbrewery who make our city more delicious one beer at a time.

Tell us a bit about the Brewhogs history
Brewhogs Microbrewery has been brewing since February 2014 (interestingly, we put through our first batch on 14th Feb 2014). We are located at Unit 50 Barbeque Corner, Dytchely Road in Barbeque Downs and produce 3000L batch size. We have capacity to produce just over 400 000L per year.

Brewhogs is known to have quite a history with Gold Reef City. Is this still the case? 
Yes, we do have quite a bit of history with Gold Reef City. Our brewing equipment was initially installed and brewed beers at Barney’s Tavern within Gold Reef City. Since we started Brewhogs, we have maintained that relationship– you can now find the full range of our beers within Barney’s.

South Africans are known to love beer along with their braais, but do you think there is enough of an appreciation for craft beer in the country?
There is a certain level of beer appreciation within the country, which has definitely grown over the past few years. If you compare us to the already well established craft beer markets – we still have a long way to go with regards to having our consumers enjoying and appreciating our products more.

What makes your beer different from other craft beers?
Our beers are not that different from many other craft beers , in terms of wanting to expose the South African beer consumers to beers of the highest, consistent quality.
We pride ourselves by being a solely Lager brewery – where all our beers, as complex flavoured and distinct tasting, are brewed using lager yeast.
We have a Red Lager (currently our best seller), which is amber-copper in colour with pleasant speciality malt flavours – atypical of a South African traditional lager.
My favourite, IPL, a lager version of the famous IPA beer style – has the characteristics of an India Pale Ale (hop aroma and flavour) but brewed to lager style and thus having the crispiness or a lager.


Where can we find it?
A full range of our beers are available at the Hogshead pubs and also available in a number of pubs within Johannesburg and Pretoria. We also have a small distribution footprint outside of Gauteng.

In all honesty, how often are your team members tipsy?
Hahaha, working at a brewery doesn’t mean we sit and drink all day. We do the occasional tasting – to ensure quality of the product from one stage of the processing to the next.

We do however let the hair loose on Friday afternoons, when we open our Taproom for visitors to also come sample our products.


What should we be eating when drinking your beer for the most delicious experience?
Our beer is best enjoyed with a variety of different meals – which actually forms part of beer appreciation.
Generally,  can have our Lite Lager and Pilsner with light meals and our Red Lager and Black IPL with more heavier meals and meats. Our IPL goes well with light/spicy foods.


An offering from the craft beer Gods above



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