How to beat the heat in Jozi this summer

How to beat the heat in Jozi this summer

by JHBLive                              Posted: 2017/12/05

Waterparks, picnics by the lake, and ice-cold beer

If you’ve ever spent the holiday season in Jozi, you’ll know how hot it can get. If you find yourself in the gritty city this December and January, be sure to beat the heat and stay cool by visiting these refreshing and fun-filled spots.

Stoke City

Located just outside of Jozi, Stoke City Adventure Park in Midrand is the perfect place to cool off and escape the concrete jungle. Dabble in a bit of wakeboarding, take a dip in the lake, and make use of their endless water activities and adventure courses. The park offers a range of features including a Full Size Main Cable, a Beginner Specific 2-Tower Cable, a Floating Obstacle Course called the AquaPark, an open-water swimming course, and a Stand-Up Paddling course.

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Zoo Lake and Emmarentia Dam

Looking for a quick day trip? Why not try your hand at the Zoo Lake rowboats? Pack a picnic basket, grab a book and set out for a few hours on the lake, floating on the still waters. If boating’s not your thing, take your book and your picnic basket and find yourself a spot next to the Emmarentia Dam, which on a hot and breezy day, provides the perfect amount of coolness.    

Jozi pools

Joburg’s many public pools may just be some of the city’s best-kept secrets. Choose from dazzlingly blue waters in Melville, Zoo Lake, and Orlando West if you’re looking for a quick dip to cool off, and if you’re wanting to make a day of it, head through to Linden’s indoor pool, or Maboneng’s Poolside venue. To be honest, all of them carry their own unique vibe, though, so if you’ve got the time, try and give all of them a visit!

Northgate Ice Rink

For the days when the sun just won’t give up, the Northgate Ice Rink is the place to be. Fun, family-friendly, and affordable, the ice rink is pretty much a summertime staple. Go with friends, family, or even by yourself for a few hours out on the ice. Music keeps the vibe steady and a decked-out kiosk ensures you won’t go hungry.

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SAB World of Beer

For the kind of heat that just can’t be beat no matter how many pools or waterparks you seek out, there’s always an ice cold beer. The SAB World of Beer is a Jozi staple, and for good reason. Their tours have been developed and perfected to give visitors insight into the history and culture of beer: from its ancient origins, to its African and European heritage, and its role in South Africa’s story, past, present and future. They also host beer tastings as well as five-course beer-pairing lunches.

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Waterparks, picnics by the lake, and ice-cold beer



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