Eat Your Way Through Melville

Eat Your Way Through Melville

by Editor                              Posted: 2017/03/19

From the best brunch to fried chicken perfection

In case we here at JHBLive haven't made it ridiculously clear, we love Melville. The brilliant neighbourhood has made more comebacks than a villain in a soapie and it's for good reason. Just when you think you have her pegged, Meville comes to life with a new wave of offerings and the last few months we've eaten more memorable meals there than you'd believe. 

We've put together some bits of bobs of our latest Melville reviews so that you know where to head on your next binge.

It's homemade, it's fuckoff delicious, and it's healthy

I decided on ‘The Healthiest Breakfast Ever’, not because I was trying to be healthy, but because I quite simply just had a good feeling about it.
AND I WAS RIGHT, GUYS. You may think, 'yoghurt is yoghurt is yoghurt', but you’d be wrong. This fresh bowl of health packed a vanilla infused punch and Kiosk's homemade granola was unreal. The fresh fruit was topped with roasted coconut flakes and you could not have found a happier girl in the world than I was as I sat, smugly, eating my yoghurt while declaring to mom that 'it's seriously just the best thing you'll ever eat, taste how fresh it is, TASTE.' #Health


I also had ciabatta toast with homemade peanut butter and jam because why the fuck not, and also because it was literally R15 and what costs only R15 these days? It was a game changer and it has ruined me for all other peanut butters. #StillHealthButJustLessHealth

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Pablo Eggs Go Bar
Known for: The Red Shakshuka

The food inspiration of this Melville gem is from the Middle East, with the fabulous Yemeni flat bread called Malawach appearing strongly across the menu. The eggs are farm fresh and come from chickens that are free to roam.


Chopped Israeli-style salads and hummus serve as side accompaniments. The menu has a variety of egg dishes, some new concepts; this author though is looking to test traditional egg dishes for those who don’t want to swerve too far from their favourite Yolk.

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The Federal
Go There for Brunch

Before I tell you about the gems on the menu I think that it’s important to understand that 90% of the ingredients used in the kitchen come from Brightside Farm in Magaliesburg, Diack’s family farm. Everything is pleasingly fresh.


Like their standard menu, the brunch one is bursting with favourable picks that span across a variety of tastes. For those with an unrelenting sweet tooth there’s the peanut butter French toast. Naturally, Chef Diack got mad creative and has added interesting options like Dutched Flapjacks which are apple flapjacks served with haloumi, crispy boar bacon or southern fried chicken and spiced butterscotch. Sound like something that you want to try?

And Go There for Lunch

As a main I had the southern fried chicken with fried cheese chips. I’ve always salivated at images of American style fried chicken and fried cheese chips on social media, so to finally get the chance to indulge in both without having to part with an arm and a leg for a plane ticket was pretty darn perfect. Before my food arrived I was warned that Diack’s chicken is lethally delicious. Which it was … the golden crunchy exterior hugged the juicy meat housed inside with a creamy and somewhat sour sauce to dunk it in.


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Go Get Drunk and Eat Delicious Chicken

Glory is big on chicken and the menu boasts an interesting variety of chicken fashioned in different ways. You’ll see Masa Mosala Chicken Noodles, Fried Chicken Shoulder Wings, Chicken Balls, Thai Chicken Bao, Whole Roast Chicken as well as the Full Box Fried Chicken which is what I had.

The Full Box Fried Chicken was more than just a meal. Man, journeying through all of that was an event – a cultural exchange in its own right. The variety placed before us afforded us the chance to pair the different flavours and ignite different impressions on the palate – freaken tasty ones.


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Go There for a Cape Malay Invasion

The Cape Malay restaurant was inspired by owners, Lauryn Peterson and Dawood Peterson, who grew up within the Cape Malay community and who often found themselves craving comfort food from home here in the City of Gold. They wanted to make avail the dishes that they had grown up eating as well as the warmth that reminded them of the home they’d left back in the Cape.


The menu is sorted into three beginners: beginners, intermediaries and climaxes. Nice and naughty.


For starters you can try the sticky suur vye chicken wings, denningvleis or the gesmoorde chilli. When you’re ready to truly indulge in the mains then you can take the dhal curry which is great for the vegetarians, gourmet masala steak, trip sugar bean curry salomi, pineapple peri peri chicken, seared tuna corn off cobb green bean breyani, tofu bobotie or the pan fried masala hake. Then finally during that moment of climax you can treat yourself to a fresh banana fritter split, melktert with date base or stewed sweet potato.

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To see what else is available in the beautiful and bustling Melville, go here.








From the best brunch to fried chicken perfection



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