Caught on Film - Jozi Film Festival 2017

Caught on Film - Jozi Film Festival 2017

by Nolan Stevens                              Posted: 2017/09/27

A glimpse into the Jozi Film Festival 2017 for those who were unlucky not to attend.

If you're one of the unlucky sonsovbitches who missed out on this year's edition of the Jozi Film Festival (JFF), you're in luck because  we missioned down to the sixth edition of the fest and sifted through the mixed bag of feature films, short fiction films, documentaries (both short and long) as well as student films, to give you the 411 on the gems we think you as savvy Joburgers should have on your filmic bucket lists.

This year's JFF kicked off with a newbie category called The Discovery Channel, "Don’t Stop Wondering Award”, that was made up entirely of 2-5 minute insightful mini doccies which peeps could vote for online, the winner of this award was revealed on the festivals closing event, where the winning film, which was “The Tragedy of Africa” by Dusty Van Niekerk, a film about rhino poaching and the importance of conservation, got a shweet US $5,000 cash prize that will go towards their next film project. Here's a link to those films, just 'cause we're cool like that

You're welcome. 

The first of my picks to check out would be the comedic drama "No Place Like Home" by Conroy Esterhuizen; a film which puts new meaning to the term "having a bad day". John, is having a bad life. So bad that he decides to end it all, but when even that fails, this oke reluctantly decides to live. How can you not want to check that one out?

Next would be the doccie about black South African soldiers who fought in World War I. I know right, who would've guessed that that ever went down. "Troupes of War: Diturupa" by  Francis Hweshe asks the insightful question of "How do you commemorate soldiers who died in wars perpetrated by their oppressors? This is going to be deep yo!

Another one for the history-buffs is "Shooting Sardines In A Barrel", a feature length documentary by Lieza Louw highlighting a history of anti-Apartheid protests by students and staff at the University of the Witwatersrand lasting over a period of thirty years. This riveting exercise in archival footage collection is the kinda documentary that has its way with your brain, and leaves you feeling like you're smarter than the cat next to you after watching it. Who doesn't want that?


My final mention goes to "Tchindas"  the Spanish-Cape Verdean award-winning documentary  by Pablo Garcia Perez de Lara and Marc Serena that tackled the subject of transgender existence in Cape Verde . It's always cool to check out an international award-winning film, especially when that film snaps up the award for Best International Documentary at JFF.


There were a bucket load of other nuggets sprinkled around this fest that killed it over the past long weekend.

Tracking down this short list of films may not completely kill all the lingering traces of FOMO you should have for not catching this festival, but if you do manage to watch these, your cool status shouldn't be in that much danger of leaving you.

A glimpse into the Jozi Film Festival 2017 for those who were unlucky not to attend.



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