6 Instabitions You Have To See

6 Instabitions You Have To See

by Mamello Sejake                              Posted: 2016/10/04

Here are 6 really cool Instabitions, by people in Joburg, to check out.

When Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created Instagram in 2010 they probably didn’t imagine that it would have grown to be the heavyweight that it is now. To date the app has around 300 million users a day and has revolutionized everything from marketing to how we communicate and go about with daily tasks. It’s a way of staying in the know and finding out about the cool things happening around you. It has offered businesses anew way of engaging with their market, allowed for alter egos to take flight and afforded creatives an alternative platform to showcase their work.

It’s easy to go onto Instagram for a few seconds, just to check your feed, and then find yourself trolling different accounts with your gaze lost in the biosphere of pictures. It’s magical how it has opened a platform for people to share glimpses of the world through their lenses while others dish out the fruits of their creativity and what paces their minds.     

There’s something called Instabitions which are exhibitions hosted on Instagram. Unlike like showing at a gallery the creator doesn’t have to part with a lump sums of money to exhibit, submit a portfolio of work or abide by any rules. He or she is allowed to let their minds run free and share as they please without limits which is how it should be with art.

Here’s a list of some Instibitions, created by people in Joburg, that you have to check out.


#Mambokadzi by @uphindi_wasenexdoor

The Instabition is a picturesque exploration of themes related to femininity and buntu cultural symbols in the digital age. Through merging different digital vehicles each picture shots to explore ideals of modern African and gaming experiences in a developing and hyper mediated society.

@uphindi_wasenexdoor’s account is also home to plenty of other amazing Instabitions, check them out.


Run The World by @slaying.goliath

Throughout Women’s month David Tshabalala posted illustrations of iconic South African women who have all made different contributions to society. This Instabition redefines what it means to be great, young gifted and South African through graphic art.


A Kasi Dictionary by @iamsoweto

Although this account has not been updated in a while you have to go through it at least once. With a scatter of posts that give definition to slang words only really used by black South Africans especially in the townships. It’s truly South African and an insight into the language a lot of people use every day that wouldn’t make any sense in conversation anywhere else in the world.


Illustrations by @thembakhumalo

You won’t always be able to explain the thinking behind the illustrations or even pinpoint the location of some of the sketches but they’ll inspire your mind to run wild.


#theviewJoburg by @illuminationjozi

The Instabition is a takeover charged at showcasing the city of Joburg. It’s a collection of photos that illuminate the visual gold that is Joburg.


Art Deco And Modernist Architectural Heritage In And Around Joburg by @thejoburgmodernist

The Instabition is somewhat of an ode to Joburg’s stunning architecture. We don’t always stop and appreciate the fair of architecture that we pass by throughout the city. Through the mainly monochrome pictures you have the chance to appreciate what a beautiful city we live in.



Here are 6 really cool Instabitions, by people in Joburg, to check out.



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