5 Questions with Francois Van Coke

5 Questions with Francois Van Coke

by Gad de Combes                              Posted: 2017/07/09

We chat to Francois ahead of his performance at Liefde By Die Dam

Francois Van Coke is a force to be reckoned with. He's been at the top of his game for over a decade, and he'll be playing at Liefde By Die Dam in the form of his solo project under his own name. We had some questions for him:


You’ve been involved in 3 of the biggest acts in the country. While your voice is what links them together, Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel , and your solo project are all very distinctly unique. 

As a lyricist, how do you separate the projects? And which one do you feel most comfortable writing for on such a personal level?

Hey Gad! Never thought I would be interviewed by you. Glad you think all the projects are distinctly different. Hunter is the main lyricist in Fokofpolisiekar, so the voice and tone of Fokofpolisiekar is a bit different from how I write for the other projects. I also think the time when the songs were written make for it being relevant and unique to that period, place and the way the world behaves around me, at the given time. I also try not to make the same album twice, so I hope that there is something unique in every new offering. At the moment I feel I can be completely honest while writing for my solo albums, because that is my own place to express myself. But, I also feel very privileged to sing great lyrics coming from Hunter’s pen on the new Fokofpolisiekar album. 


Now that you’re a dad, do you think that’s going to change the way you write music?

Yeah, it will. It changes everything. Life is not that same anymore. It is enhanced, vivid and in full colour. And Alex’s life is the most important thing now. Music is everything else is secondary. 


Your collaboration with Karen Zoid has been one of the most successful releases in recent SA history. What was your reaction when it first hit a million views?

It was a incredible thing to be a part of. It was amazing to see how many people could connect and relate to the song. It was just one of those songs, it was just an honest expression. 


Pics by Andre Badenhorst from BlackFramePhoto


It seems like you’ve set a precedent with your solo album covers to capture yourself in a striking way! Snake did your first one, and my buddy Allister Christie did your new one. Any clues about your next one?

I am really stoked about the first two album covers and both those dudes made me look better than I really look. The next one might not have me on the cover! Let’s see. 


Your beautiful dog Ringo brings as much joy to your followers as he must do to your family. Does he enjoy your music? And also Shaniqua asked when he’s getting his own song…

Ringo spends days on end in the pre-prod studio while I work on tunes, since he was born. He has been around for the writing of 3 albums. So, I think he likes music. He likes to hang around. He has been mentioned in 2 songs. But, I haven’t written a song for him like Shaniqua’s tune. I think it is on the cards.

Don't miss his performance at Liefde By Die Dam:

Date: 6 August 2016

Time: 10AM - 6PM

Venue: Emmarentia Dam, Johannesburg

Tickets: R165 Online / R200 Gate / R600 PLUS / Under 12: R75

Purchase Online here

We chat to Francois ahead of his performance at Liefde By Die Dam



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