5 Questions with Albert Frost

5 Questions with Albert Frost

by Gad de Combes                              Posted: 2017/09/14

Albert is one of the singers of the concert for Charity, Blood Brothers

The first time I heard your name, you were racing cars with Arno Carstens in the parking lot of Village Walk behind the Blues Room. What do you do to blow off steam these days?

Hahaha! So glad I can't remember that. I decided to move to Tulbagh and now do boring shit like paint and play golf.

You’ve famously played at every Oppikoppi since its inception. What is it about Koppi for you that sets it apart from other shows you play?

I dig Oppikoppi because you can see everything from jazz to metal in one weekend so whats not to like? I'll be performing for the 23rd year in a row come October so it's very special for me.

You played in the Blues Broers with your dad. What ethics as a musician did you learn from him that you still adhere to now?

My dad joined the Blues Broers when I was 12 so they were very instrumental(haha) in the way he worked. The best things I learnt from him was to stick to your commitments, be on time and respect what you're doing. Making music is sacred and should be treated that way.

Congrats on your recent SAMA Award! How does something like that affect your writing? Do you feel like there’s new pressure on you now?

Thanks very much! Having a SAMA award behind you certainly makes a big difference. Obviously there is pressure but honestly that's nothing new. It has inspired me to carry on with what I believe in and that is amazing.

You’re no stranger to collaborating with South African Legends (Arno, Koos Kombuis, Chris Chameleon). With blood brothers, once again you’re working with some amazing people, who are all used to calling the shots in their own personal capacity. Sometimes it’s a great thing to not have all the responsibility when it comes to creative decisions. Ok, I’m rambling a bit. Basically what I’m asking is, do you find you get more creative with your playing when you know you’re working with amazing musicians as opposed to just sitting by yourself and writing?

Most definitely! It's very important to work with other people while producing and performing to get your creative juices flowing. It can be tricky too though. If you get too "creative" you can smother the other musicians but it's easy if everyone listens to everyone else and finds a balance. Luckily everyone in the Blood Brothers are seasoned pros so it is always easy, fun and an absolute pleasure every time.


Blood Brothers Takes place 30 September at The Good Luck Bar. 

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Photo credit: Andre Badenhorst

Albert is one of the singers of the concert for Charity, Blood Brothers



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