Pick N Pay On Nicol

Pick N Pay On Nicol

Pick n Pay's new superstore kicks Woolworths' scrawny little ass. 

Here at JHBLive we strive to find the most interesting, out-of-the-box, unusual places to review. Which is why, this week, we've decided to review, wait for it... A Pick n Pay. Yes, that's right. But before you start pointing towards the back button, let me assure you that this is no ordinary Pick n Pay. The store in Hurlingham, on William Nicol, is modelled on the UK's Harrod's and, unlike the other Pick n Pays, which are happy to remain down to earth and sell pap 'n vleis to the proletariat, this one has pretensions of being a world-class super-store.

So what makes it so special? Do angels sing as you walk through the doors? Will visiting this supermarket make you float up to heaven in a state of Zen-like bliss? No, but I have to say it's pretty darn impressive.


Firstly, there's the building itself, which has been designed with environmental sustainability in mind, and has skylights and a minimalist vibe that says "I ain't your neighbourhood Shoprite, bitches". Then there's the focus on artisanal and organic produce, and the decision to employ wine experts and famous bakers and other impressive people.

The store boasts a great deli, a juice bar, a wine cellar, a cheese room, a bakery, a boutique store, an ice cream counter, a sushi chef, a florist, a computer screen where you can type in what you want to cook and it will tell you what ingredients you need, and, incredibly, you can buy things like bin-bags and toothpaste there too.

So yes, I have just reviewed a Pick n Pay, and no, it's not gonna do wonders for my journalistic credibility or reputation as a writer. But the Pick n Pay in Hurlingham is clearly no ordinary supermarket.
It certainly kicks Woolworths' scrawny little ass.
Where? Corner Republic and William Nicol, Bryanston, Johannesburg


by Daniel Friedman
Inspired by UK superstore Harrod's, this ain't just your average Pick n Pay.


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