For the Love of All Things Retro

For the Love of All Things Retro

If, like me, you can’t help but walk into every antique store you come across in the hopes of finding a treasure, it’s time you paid a visit to RetroSpecive in Linden.


This colourful space has all the components that make up a successful antiquing adventure- records, typewriters, furniture and accent pieces-  without any of the rummaging and dust that most of these kinds of stores require you to push through. 


Sitting happily next to Gravity Cafe in The Oaks on 4th Avenue, it’s often you’ll find people abandoning their perfect cappuccinos for a moment to wander through RetroSpective. Simplistic yet gorgeous wooden bookshelves being carried to their cars while 60’s inspired coffee and bedside tables beg them to be taken home, too. 



There are couches that appear to have beamed in right from a Wes Anderson film while the shelves give away the store’s devotion to African-inspired decor and prints in and among all of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s gems. 

It’s a space that will have you excitedly redesigning your entire home in your head, without annihilating your bank balance. 


(Editor's Note: While you're there, give Gravity's scrambled eggs a bash. They're delicious AF)

Find RetroSpective at 51 4th Avenue Linden

by Christy Chilimigras
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