Hotel QSL on 44

Hotel QSL on 44

One of the best parts of being in a touring band, is getting to see parts of the country (and world) that under normal circumstances, you might never have dreamt of visiting. And with travelling, comes hotels. Well, it wasn’t always hotels. It started with sleeping on friend’s couches, then to backpackers, then to Road lodges, and sometimes if the budget allows, we would stay at a fancy place, and might even get our own rooms. So fact of the matter: I’ve experienced my fair show of hotels. From a dilapidated hole in Brighton to top class service in Japan, I’ve seen them all.

Hotel QSL on 44 was an interesting experience for me, because it was seriously unlike any other hotel I’d ever been to. A chance meeting at Stanley Beer Yard with co-owner Shaheed Rawjee, led to a tour of the property, which also houses a high tech hot desk office space and an exclusive showroom for the high end men’s clothing company that he runs with his brother Rahim (who also co-owns the hotel). I was immediately impressed with the brothers, who grew up in Canada, and their drive to make an interesting hotel experience for their clientele.

   An example of one of the hot desk options

There are 10 rooms in the hotel, and each one is totally unique and distinct from one another, named after remnants of what they used to be: “The Boardroom”, “The Media Room”, “The Studio” and “The Basement” are just a few. They all have different layouts, but maintain the same industrial feel, combining brick and painted wall, and leaving the cement floors unpainted.

We (myself and my girlfriend) were lucky enough to get to stay in a room called “Room Juliet“, which luck may have it is the only room in the hotel that has a bath. And by bath, I mean miniature swimming pool. It was massive. So massive in fact that the geyser wasn’t ready for us, and actually ran out before the bath was filled (It was still wonderful though, and this might be the only fault I had with the hotel)


The room itself felt like its own apartment. You open the door and there’s a staircase taking you upstairs. Room Juliet is a perfect name. It looks out onto the City with a mini balcony that conjures up The Shakespeare in you.

Even though the room had an industrial feel, it never for a moment felt cold. Ok well temperature wise it was going to be cold regardless, but I’m referring to the subtle décor that lines the walls. The bed was massive and ridiculously comfortable, and the mini bar was packed with any drink you can imagine and an amazing selection of snack from Woolies. We checked in and went off to dinner at Sandton Square (Big Mouth in case you were curious, and it was  incredible) After getting a box of Krispy Kreme’s we headed back to the hotel, to find 2 stuffed animals and thanks you notes left on the beds!


It was quite a pleasure connecting to the wifi (they have fibre), so it was easy enough to stream Netflix at full quality without worrying about being capped.

I really like this place. It’s surprisingly cosy, and perfectly situated. After checking out the next morning, we got to have a meander around the 44 Stanley Shopping area, which has recently been made instantly cool by the addition of the Mr Vinyl store, and the antique book store across from it has been a source of many a good find for me for about 10 years now.

Find Hotel QSL here:

Address: 12 Quince St, Braamfontein Werf, Milpark, 2092

Phone: 011 830 0000

by Gad de Combes
Gad experiences a night at the QSL in Milpark


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