Storytellers Series

Storytellers Series

You guys know about P.O.PArt Theatre, and the amazing shows that they run there, right?

Recently I found out about the Storytellers Series, a show run by the hilariously eccentric Lebogang Mogashoa which is on every second Tuesday of the month.

It felt somewhat like an intimate storytelling diary session. Each show presents a handful of everyday people who get up on stage and tell a story. Lebogang, the producer, picks a theme for each show and inasmuch as he acts like a lighthearted pillow for everything to naturally fall into place onto, he also pieces it all together beautifully.

The theme for the last show was love and each of the storytellers got up on stage, individually, to share a story from their own lives about the topic.

Ashamedly, I must admit that I had some expectation of all the stories being about falling in love and then being pushed over by a devastating heart break which seems to be a chapter, somewhere, in everyone’s book of life. And, how dare the feminist in me who is always arguing that we’re all different think this because of course I was wrong!

Yes, everyone spoke about falling in love and being in love but there are worlds and time in between all of that. Everyone has a different encounter and experience with the world irrespective of the sameness of the topic, isn't it so?

And this was probably the best thing about the Storytellers Series. The candid unpacking of lived experiences. Each storyteller shared their dance with that strange thing that we call love. From the stories there were moments when I peered into my own familiarities, flashes when memories of my own heart break touched my heart, spells that reminded me of my own crazy acts inspired by infatuation and that line in each of their stories that reassured me that my story with love is far from  over.

Each session is based on a different theme brought to life by ordinary people who will allow you a peak into their lives – the ups, the down, the colourful and the very real. It’s like a modern day storytelling session in an intimate theatre instead of around an open fire. Now that I think about it, we got all of the fire without any of the smoke.

Keep your eyes glued to our gig guide and we’ll let you know when the next one is.

by Mamello Sejake
It’s like a modern day storytelling session in an intimate theatre instead of around an open fire.


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