The Perfect Jozi Girl’s Night Out

The Perfect Jozi Girl’s Night Out

The thing about karaoke is that either you love it- or you hate it. What then, do all the friend groups and loved-up couples do when the Shania of the group is itching to get on stage but her loved ones… not so much?

Off I went on Saturday night for the first time ever to Phaze Karaoke Restaurant in Randview Shopping Centre. If you’re thinking, ‘What the actual fuck is Randview Shopping Centre,’ you’re not alone. I also had no clue. It’s that slightly out of place but ridiculously addictive China Mall on Jan Smuts. This made the karaoke setting seem somehow more.. authentic. It also meant that there was a shit ton of parking which is exceptionally refreshing for a Saturday night out in Jozi.

Off we went, a pack of Shanias with two tag-a-longs (one of which will surely be dragging me to watch every new sci-fi release in cinema as retribution), and sing we did.


However, as anyone who’s ever taken the karaoke stage before knows, getting merrily tipsy is a requirement. I sipped on two cheap but delicious glasses of red wine and threw back two tequilas before making my way onto the stage, squad in tow, to sing the crap out of Anastacia’s ‘Outta Love’.

Phaze Karaoke is on a mission separate itself from the karaoke experiences we’re accustomed to in Joburg (and elsewhere). That of a dingey night out where you’re careful not to lose a shoe to a sticky floor and people sing especially badly on purpose. Rather, Phaze offers gorgeous views of the city, black and white tiled floors all the better to dance on, and enough seating that you’ll only mildly resent yourself for wearing high-heeled boots. Their menu offers tapas regulars such as Jalapeno poppers and BBQ chicken wings. Then onto baskets built to tastily line your belly, salads,steaks, burgers wraps and more.


The thing I especially loved about Phaze was their app. There were no queues of drunken ‘burgers fighting to be the first to get ‘Sweet Caroline’ on the list (can we please just ban that song from existence, while I’m on the topic?). Rather, you simply download the app, pick a song from their bladdy extensive backing-track offering, get put into a virtual queue and get alerted on your phone as well as on the screens scattered throughout the venue that you’re up next.


I had prepared myself for nauseatingly white night out, but was beyond thrilled to see how many people came out and sang their gorgeous hearts out- not once did I head ‘Red Red Wine’. 


The drinks are cheap, the food is reasonable, the view is lovely, and I suspect I’ll be back sooner rather than later.  

Find Phaze Upstairs at Randview Shopping Centre

511 Jan Smuts Ave & Republic Rd, Randburg, Johannesburg

by Christy Chilimigras
Phaze Karaoke Bar is doing it perfectly


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