The Gringo Café

The Gringo Café

I’ve said it a few hundred times and I’m here to say it again… you’ve got to try new things yo, life is too damn short and tasty to run around in the same circles. 
Sometime last December I came across The Gringo Café. I peered through the glass doors at all the character locked inside and made a mental note “girrrrrrrrl this here looks like a gem and once you’ve enjoyed its treasures you absolutely must let the people know about it”. So, my people this is me bringing you the gospel.


The Gringo Café is based in the newly built Craftsmenship building in Maboneng. Inspired by Mexican food, flavor and pizzazz infused with a little local flavour – it’s one of those places that you NEED to put on your bucket list.
I went for Sunday lunch and found myself being lured in by the cutest table and chair ensemble that begged for me to place my bottom there. Naturally, I obliged.
The Gringo Café is owned by the lovely Brooke Dickens with her sweet smile and Saad Hamid who has one of the most excellent mustaches I’ve ever seen. The two make an enormously kind pair. Good hospitality is at the heart of it all and it spills out in the simplest ways like Brooke offering to throw together a salad for me because I’m keeping away from meat for a while. How many restaurants do you know that’ll go impromptu for you?

Like I said, it’s a Mexican inspired affair. The menu is a yum list of el nachos South Africano (which was the f*cken business if you ask me), carne Asada fries, el gringo tacos, pulled beef, pulled chicken, el borie roll as well as the el gringo burger which you can pair with fries of plain nachos for when you’re really hungry homes.
The food is as pleasing to the palette as it is to the eye and served on enamel cutlery. See that’s part of that local touch that I was speaking about. They’re mad flexi and keen to accommodate the vegetarians, with a substitution of beans where need be, because who says that all they want is a plate of greens?


There’s a modest bar with a handful of spirits, beers, ciders and alcohol free juices on standby for you to throw back when those relentless jalapeno peppers strike, which they will!
Consider yourself informed, add Sunday or Saturday lunch at The Gringo Cafe to your bucket list because you’ll love it – this here is the gospel I tell you. 

Where: 260 Main Street Maboneng


by Mamello Sejake
Never mind the name, everyone can eat at The Gringo Café.


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