Melville's New Addition Already Feels Like Home

Melville's New Addition Already Feels Like Home

This morning I paid a visit to Kiosk in Melville. This small deli/bakery/gem opened at the end of December last year and managed to blow my weary mind very first thing on a Wednesday morning.
It's owned by Alessandra De Freitas and Brent Bosch and despite being so very new the Melville area, the energy of the store is loving and homely. They greeted customers by name and their staff looked genuinely happy to be alive and making perfect cups of coffee at 9am.

The shop has a gorgeous communal table in the middle with two-seaters in the windows from which you can gaze and giggle at old men in denim short-shorts walking by, that you’d only ever find in Melville, while you munch on your toast.
My mom and I ordered our coffee and food at the counter after a long staring competition with the handwritten menu before taking a seat by the window.

My cappuccino arrived and was absolutely everything I could have hoped for to perk me the F up on a midweek morning. 


To eat, my mom ordered a ham, cheese and everything sandwich which arrived on a freshly baked ciabatta roll. It smelled of lush basil and carbohydrate dreams and I wanted to steal it away from her, but that would have been rude.


I decided on ‘The Healthiest Breakfast Ever’, not because I was trying to be healthy, but because I quite simply just had a good feeling about it.
AND I WAS RIGHT, GUYS. You may think, 'yoghurt is yoghurt is yoghurt', but you’d be wrong. This fresh bowl of health packed a vanilla infused punch and Kiosk's homemade granola was unreal. The fresh fruit was topped with roasted coconut flakes and you could not have found a happier girl in the world than I was as I sat, smugly, eating my yoghurt while declaring to mom that 'it's seriously just the best thing you'll ever eat, taste how fresh it is, TASTE.' #Health


I also had ciabatta toast with homemade peanut butter and jam because why the fuck not, and also because it was literally R15 and what costs only R15 these days? It was a game changer and it has ruined me for all other peanut butters. #StillHealthButJustLessHealth


The simple addition of a lavender sprig was so beautiful and thoughtful that it really drove home what an absolute difference it makes when people truly love what they do.

This unassuming and small space stealthily managed to steal my heart in 40 minutes. The air, apart from smelling beyond amazing, just had something special in it, and it was infectious. 

You can and should find Kiosk at Corner of 4th Avenue and 7th Street, Melville. 

Monday- Friday: 6:30am - 6:30pm

Saturday - Sunday: 6:30am- 2:00pm

Public Holidays: 6:30am- 2:00pm


by Editor
Hello, Kiosk.


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