Everything is Better Naked

Everything is Better Naked

There is certainly no shortage of coffee shops in our beautiful city. To find one that sets itself apart with something other than high-speed Wi-Fi can therefore be a challenge. On Saturday, I found myself settling into Naked Kitchen and Coffee Bar in Morningside to get some work done, and this amazing new space casually blew me away in no time.


Once I’d decided on a coffee and freshly squeezed juice, I couldn’t help but obsess over the entire space. Seated next to the kitchen, I inhaled the air around me and felt as though I’d found a unicorn among menus. Naked offers only the healthiest food that does not compromise on taste. It serves the kind of food that abruptly puts your paleo friend into perspective and forbids you to declare them insane. It offers food made with health in mind, without the ridiculous price tag that usually follows health conscious people around. From meatballs in a fresh napolitana to two different kinds of chicken, sweet potatoes cooked to perfection and side salads galore, we were spoiled for choice. For those living their best bread life, did I mention their homemade challah?



We sat working, eating and drinking while incredibly attentive staff checked in on us every so often, only budging when our dying laptop batteries prompted us to take a seat at a high counter which offers plug points and a view into the Exclusive Books next door. Despite being there at lunch time on a Saturday, I adored that at no point did the staff make us feel rushed, as though our table was only there to be turned.


Naked Coffee, adorned with plants and motivational messages such as ‘I just want you happy and naked’, encourages you to take your time, drink in their fuck-off delicious coffee, and get your shit done. Whether that means a caffeine fueled catch-up session with your friends, or getting work done in time for that looming deadline, it’s quite simply the perfect place to be.


Find Naked at Morningside Shopping Centre, Rivonia Road, Morningside, Sandton.


9am- 6pm daily except for Sundays when you can visit them from 10am to 2pm.

by Christy Chilimigras
Morningside’s newest gem has us devoted


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