District Six Eatery

District Six Eatery

A celebration of the spirit of Cape Town's District Six: eclectic, generous and uniquely South African.

D6 District Six Eatery is a small restaurant with tons of personality. Clarence, the co-owner and chef grew up in District Six until the forced removals of the 70s, and both his food and his restaurant are a celebration of the spirit of the area: eclectic, generous and uniquely South African.



D6's distinct character is on display from the minute you enter. There's "kaapse" music on the sound system, family photos on the walls and Clarence's costume from the Cape Carnival hanging near the entrance to the kitchen. The menu is composed of family recipes that Clarence has gathered over the years and features Cape Malay classics such as lamb curry (much lighter and less creamy than its Indian counterpart), bobotie and various bredies and vegetable curries.





Fittingly for a restaurant that is supposed to make you feel like you're eating at your favourite auntie's house, the portions are huge and brought to the table in cool, quirky casserole dishes that encourage sharing.

We tried the aforementioned lamb curry, deliciously soft and served on the bone (a justifiable best-seller) as well as the bobotie and smoor snoek: a traditional mix of deboned snoek and potatoes served with tomato gravy. All the dishes were excellent and a special mention must go to the pineapple pickle, which was served alongside the mains and beat the pants off the standard mango variety. Dessert consisted of a huge slice of sweet milk tart, a Cape Malay version of a koeksister and a coconut pastry known as a "hertzoggie".





The food at D6 does not require too much analysis. It's simply there to be enjoyed and the love and warmth put into every aspect of the restaurant make this exceedingly easy to do. All that's really left to say about this little piece of the Cape is: welcome to Joburg!

Where? Corner Greenhills and Barry Hertzog Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg
Tel: 011 486 7226



by Joseph Mosselson
Cape Malay flavour takes a trip up to Joburg at District Six Eatery.


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