Cure Your Munchies

Cure Your Munchies

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare asked… Well in Munchies’ case, a title that stands by its reputation would be the answer.

Munchies is the new kid on the block. Based at the corner of Fox and Asuret street in Maboneng, like the residence this dope joint has its own unique flair – if it were a lady I’d say that she wears flowers in her hair.


Generally when I think of Maboneng I cringe over the reminder of the many nights when in an overly drunken state I lost all hold of my morals, I also find it to be over priced which makes me cringe even more. After all, it doesn’t cost too much to be immoral, but everything else there can easily burn a hole into your pockets. So, thank the universe for Munchies.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Munchies popped up for the likes those who, like me love to eat out but can’t always afford to do so. And, with the way that the economy is right now – even breathing feels expensive sometimes. So, thank goodness for Munchies; the bite sized menu selection has a handful of really yummy treats that won’t break the bank. All their meals are under R80 and gawd damn they don’t skimp on the quality of the food.  


Wait for it… They do all day breakfast! This warms my heart because now I know that for all those afternoons that follow a night of drunken sin, there’ll also always be somewhere that I can go for bacon and eggs to calm my spirit. The breakfast menu includes… cereal, pain dore (French toast), the breakfast bun, hangover cure, corn waffles, the breakfast combo and the veggie omelette.

For the chilly days when the sun refuses to come out and play, there’s a selection of soups to pick from; BLT, chicken mayo, egg salad and the jozi dog footlong sandwiches for lunch or those lazy evenings; and, the good burger, which I advise that you try the cheese boy or the bacon burger because they’re too nice. For those who aren’t big on beef burger patties there is a chicken and veggie option.

Veggie lovers there’s a special shout out to you in the form of a few mouthwatering options.

Then, if you’re looking to meet new people or just try something different with your mates or alone I say try out their Monday family dinner or the Friday braai nights. The braai nights and family dinners are a collaboration with Curiocity Backpacks, which sees a fleet of guests from all corners of the world walk through the doors every day.


Look, Munchies is a thing and I can’t wait for warmer days when I intend to spend many a day talking my face off on the benches outside and eating my way through those conversations. It’s a cute spot, the interior makes me smile, the food puts me in a happy place and agrees with my pocks.

Try yourselves out. I think you’ll like it.

Where: corner Fox and Auret street Mabobneng

Opening times: 09:30 – 19:00 Monday to Sunday


by Mamello Sejake
Mamello Sejake finds a healthy breakfast option


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