Cnr Café Bistro And Deli

Cnr Café Bistro And Deli

Positioned in the settled and tranquil suburban area of Craighall Parklies a quaint little bistro- Cnr Café.  Surrounded by freshly mowedgreen lawns, with higher than usual and a little more "lethal" picketfences, gives off a kind of Jozi Pleasantville feel. It is green, pretty and the pigeons are making their sort of "kuur kuur" sound. Imaginations people, work with me here.

The vibe is chilled and comfortable, but by word of mouth always busy. The tranquil crowd and friendly, energetic staff produce a wonderfully balanced ambiance.   A fairly upmarket environment that is diverse enough for sharing a meal with family, drinks with friends or to indulge in their selection of freshly baked cakes.  

The décor is very "café continental". White linen, pavement tables create a very European-feel surrounding.  It is very clean cut, but not clinical, with its simple geometric lines, table clothes and linen serviettes.   Fresh herbs in planters and an ancient Chinese water feature occupy the outside area and offer pure comfort in its simplicity.   Inside, shelved foodstuffs such as tinned tomatoes line the wall of the interior of the restaurant, which I felt has incredible decorative appeal.

The menu is simple and understated, but the meal that is composed of unusual combinations of ingredients, is no "simple" meal at all. Although slightly pricey, you are presented with a hefty, unbelievably tastefully presented serving. A burger topped with cherry tomato, onion and balsamic relish is just a hint of the composed taste experience.

Look I am not one to often dine in such luxury, but I was incredibly impressed by all that this venue had to offer. It is nothing more than just plain lovely.


by Editor
In the tranquil suburb of Craighall Park lies Cnr Café and Bistro. A restaurant that claims to have it all. We went to go see for ourselves.


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