5 Star Street Chef Food Truck Is A Golden Parking

5 Star Street Chef Food Truck Is A Golden Parking
Food trucks. Cape Town's been all over them like white on rice and luuurrving that they can play New York foodie dress-up. Jhb foodies may have displayed flashy moments of jealousy (even a tantrum or two over a craft beer) BUT fear the food truck FOMO no more, lovely peeps of Jozi Town, because our food 'truckkery' (made up word) is here.
Yesterday wasn't ideal: robots were acting like the assholes they are the morning after the storm before. Sugar levels were dropping (they weren't but I needed an excuse to chow). Cruising past Foundry, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye.
There he was (he looks like a guy) just maxing in the parking lot across from Foundry, sent to us (me) from food heaven. Hello, lovely 5 Star Street Chef Food Truck, your signage is sexy and your counters are high - now please feed us.
The outcome of the miracle van being sent into my life:
The Vibe:
- Retro style (obviously) with signage that'll set food nerds off.
- Sitting in a parking lot - in a not so creepy way.
- Bubbly staff smiling for days.
- People pulling to a stop, ordering & driving off - all safe and calm and civilized.
- Cash money only.
The Grub:
- Burger and ribs. You get asked "chicken or beef"?
- Beef burger comes with homemade mayo & pickled vegetables - different.
- Hand over forty-five rond and you'll also get this magic.
Oh and for ultimate street eating pleasure - find a spot on the pavement & chow on the street. The experience is better, you know.
What? 5 Star Street Chef Food Truck
Where? In the parking lot across the street from Foundry. Parkhurst, Johannesbur
When? Weekdays from 11:30 for power lunch hour
Why? Combos served quickly and affordably from the truck to your car.
Twitter @5Star_chef for their other gigs and parking lot vibes. 
by Leila Saffarian
Looking for some chow in a hurry? There's a new place you can pull in and grab some grub quickly. Joburg, meet the 5 Star Street Chef food truck.


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