Xtreme Bowling In Bramley

Xtreme Bowling In Bramley

I'd be lying if I said that I was keen on the idea of 'extreme' bowling, in fact, as a rule I tend to steer clear of anything with 'extreme' in the title - 'Extreme Zumba' taught me that lesson.

But since I have never been bowling (save your judgement), I decided it was high time that I reclaimed my childhood and had some good ol' fashioned fun. Arriving at the site I was alarmed at the high security and blacked-out windows, a mash-up between a sex shop and an '80's club, Extreme Bowling had me curious right from the start.



The first thing that I wanted to know was how much it would cost, the kind of fun I'm used to involves me closing my eyes at the Zara till, hoping that my card won't be rejected. So I was pleasantly surprised to note that it cost a mere R25 for a round and you got to do it in your socks or in a curious pair of bowling shoes.





Although I enjoyed the game, narrowly losing to my smug boyfriend I wondered where the 'extreme' part was hiding. I then set my sights on the fully stocked bar and I had my answer; throwing neon balls down an alley with Cyndi Lauper in the background is infinitely more fun and 'extreme' when soaked in your poison of choice. Be warned, the overwhelming smell of pizza in the alley is deceptive (and cruel) as there is no in-store restaurant, but you can order from the neighbouring take-aways if you work up a hunger.

Midway Mall, 280 Corlett Drive, Bramley Gardens, Johannesburg
Tuesday-Sunday 9am-late 011-8872095
R10 every Sunday after 6pm.







by Heather Clancy
Outside, it looks like a dodgy sex shop, but inside you'll find neon balls, wacky decor and a well-stocked bar that makes an Xtreme bowling experience.


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