The Tickle Spot

The Tickle Spot

I get an excited call, it’s my mate Gavin he has found a place curious-me is going to go nuts for. It’s called the Tickle Spot. Oh, my word, my mind jumps around. The name is enough to make me think it’s the diciest of places. Which definitely in my humble opinion makes the best of stories. I have to, I must go.

Now again for perspective, I don’t want my spot tickled nor do I want the usual ticklish places on my body tickled as I react violently to being tickled, you can ask anyone who has tried and gotten the reaction of either tears or an involuntary kick to whatever area of their bodies I can get to. I am not a bundle of joy in such a situation. So, I head over to their website as this time I need an idea of what to expect. Firstly, Gav and I concluded it must be a fetish thing to which he pointed me in the direction of a fetish documentary about folks that get off being tickled. Really an eye opener, if this was a tickle situation I had already decided that I could put up with 15 minutes of torture for this piece, I took pity on the poor soul who would be my tickler.

Website all pink and pretty, not at all what I was expecting. I book my appointment online which was easy and awesome. The Tickle Spot is located in Parkmore and not in a back alley somewhere random, a good start. So, I wouldn’t be waking up in a bathtub of ice missing some vital organs, yay for me.

Elaine, boss lady, came up with the idea over 30 years ago when a friend of hers was tickling her arm after which she would reciprocate. She remembers it being “a wonderful sensation” and she felt connected in a way that made her happy. So, 30 years of this idea cooking in her kop and so The Tickle Spot was born.  They focus not only on the 25 – 40-year old age group but on the elderly as well, as their skin has become softer and often a massage can be a bit painful for them. 


Back to my experience, I am welcomed at the door by two smiles – two smiles are better than one I hear. The place looks exactly like any other spa, warm, friendly and welcoming. I am led into a room where I proceed to strip down to my panties, music is playing in the background at a respectable level, not too loud and not too soft. I hop onto the table which is exactly the same one used anywhere you would get a massage. I lie on my tummy and pop a towel over me. It is but 3 minutes before I am in a state of total relaxation. It is really a back tickle, light tough, not a scratch a tickle.


To be honest I think tickling is rather intimate to quote a fine gent I know “tickling is what happens in your own bed or on your couch” I agree with him but in exactly the same breath I must say I freaking loved it, I was fast asleep in about ten minutes. I woke up so relaxed, so so relaxed I thought I was waking up in the morning in my own bed.

Elaine went with the name “The Tickle Spot” to gather attention, she is aware that it does sound “a bit edgy”

The Tickle Spot is the first to Market, they are the very First Tickle Spa in SA and only the second in the world… definitely an experience worth trying out.

by Sandy L
Goosebumps Guaranteed


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