The Escape Room in Dunkeld

The Escape Room in Dunkeld

Cleithrophobia is the fear of being trapped. It can be the stuff of nightmares. Whether fearing getting caught underneath a snow drift (unlikely in Joburg), or being locked in a tiny bathroom, the feeling of hopelessness that overcomes someone with this phobia can be overwhelming.

People have been using fear tactics as means of entertainment for ages. Horrors and thrillers have been scaring people since the 1930s, with recent horrors getting more personal and relevant and tapping into modern fears.

Now there’s a way for you and your friends to immerse yourself into such a situation, under the controlled eyes of the staff at The Escape Room, situated metres away from our offices in Dunkeld.

If we didn’t know that we were playing a game, being locked in a room can be quite a cause for a panic attack. But armed with a walkie talkie, after having the rules explained to us, gives one a mild sense of safety while the clock ticks silently behind us.

The concept is simple. The team has 60 minutes to solve a certain amount of riddles and puzzles to figure out how to open locks to get the next clue to assist you to get out of the room. To give specifics would ruin the game for someone who hasn’t played yet, but myself and my 5 friends (2 of whom are actuaries) were pushed to the brink of confusion and insanity, trying to figure out what the hell was going on!


While the staff suggest a time of 60 minutes to complete the room, we were told most finish it in 70 minutes, so obviously we had something to prove.

Teamwork is key in a game like this. The room has brilliantly been covered with hundreds of codes and puzzles and things to figure. What’s real? What’s a red herring? The fun is working together to see what is actually there to help and what is there to confuse.

Not to toot our own horn here, but we managed to get out in 46 mins, narrowly missing the room record of 42 mins! Can you beat our time?


by Gad de Combes
Face Your Fears with Challenging Puzzles


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