The Bioscope

The Bioscope

The Bioscope is an independent cinema movement, that's found its home in a downtown borough of Jozi's CBD at the thriving and trendy Arts on Main center. "Yes, our first series of summer screenings are absolutely free, and we hope to continue this wherever possible," comments Darryl Els, one half of The Bioscope team.

Els' vision is to create a sustainable independent cinema in Joburg -- a place where the greatest cinema, both local and the rest of the world, can be watched and enjoyed by all. "Most great cities globally have an independent cinema and we believe Joburg is a great city that deserves its own movement."

Films are screened regularly, preferably outdoors -- weather permitting. "We launched this concept in summer and we wanted to do something different. With the right film (and weather!), the experience is incredible," smile Els. "We've since had to move our screenings indoors to accommodate the fickle weather," explains Els, referring to the unseasonable deluge of rain Joburg experienced this summer. "Luckily the indoor space is just as amazing, with all the comfort of a modern cinema but the aesthetics of a beautifully revamped warehouse."

Moviegoers can expect a fascinating film, set in a great city location and comfortable viewing experience. In short, a great experience that a shopping mall simply can't equal.

"The programming of The Bioscope is diverse and ranges from foreign films, local cinema, documentaries and music performances. We have many exciting screenings and special events on the way. All of which will be advertised on our website," continues Els.
Arts on Main has all the facilities to make a great night out. There's a quaint courtyard restaurant, sitting snug among the lemon trees, and a sophisticated bar too. You can browse the art galleries and other shops if you come early, and bar drinks and popcorn are on hand during the film.  

Check out for upcoming screenings. Arts on Main is located on 266 Fox Street, eastern CBD.

by Laura Banks
The Bioscope is an independent cinema movement that's found its home in a downtown Joburg.


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