Add This Jozi Adventure to Your Bucket List

Add This Jozi Adventure to Your Bucket List

Recently, I hopped on a big, red bus and had a solo adventure through the city. JHBLive's new clients, City Sightseeing, wanted me to experience why it is that their adventure is the consistent and much-loved success that it is. 

As I decided to take the tour on a Tuesday morning, I had every intention of simply doing the 'Green Tour', which explores everything from the Zoo Lake to Constitutional Hill before heading back to the Rosebank pick-up point, and rushing back to the office. 

Life and my heart, however, had other plans. The bus snaked through the leafy northern suburbs before offloading me at Constitutional Hill, and the idea of ending my tour there saddened me so much that I decided to carry on with the 'City Tour.'


The bus, which was dotted with locals, families and a few foreigners, then headed through town past the Carlton Centre, The Apartheid Museum, the SAB World of Beer and all of the precious gems inbetween. People got on and off as they pleased. A family to the top of the Carlton Centre, a single man onto the streets of Newtown. Everyone on their own mission.

Had the piles of work that awaited me at the office not existed, I would have jumped onto the Soweto Sightseeing bus at the Gold Reef City change-over in a heartbeat. I felt jealous as people hopped off my now-lonesome bus and headed on their way to explore the food, culture and activities that Soweto posseses. 


It was one of the most memorable and surreal days I have had in a very long time and I seriously encourage you to be a tourist in your own city.

The tour felt like three hours of meditation and education and my only regret is that I didn't take a sandwich and hat along.

If you, like me, love some down time with you and yourself, I highly recommend a masturdate atop a bus. If you prefer to travel in a pack, lead your wolves up the curved bus steps with you and have yourselves a damn time.


I'm itching to go back, and fell more in love with my city with each stop.

Tickets start at R170 and there are online specials available every so often. For more info or to book a tour, head here.

by Christy Chilimigras
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