Shortstraw Release New Track

Shortstraw Release New Track

                             Posted: Jul 10 2017

Well this is exciting. It’s hard to not be subjective in this particular situation. As a member of Shortstraw, this video release is particularly special to me.

As a band, Shortstraw has been releasing the new album Those Meddling Kids in a unique way. Every month a new track has been unveiled, each with unique artwork, and it’s own music video.

Our singer Alastair has handled a lot of the directing and editing (with the incredible help of Tom Revington, and a whole bunch of our friends). Directors were brought in for T-Shirt, Boo, Jetlag, and now the newest video for The Less We're Together sees Yolande Botha, a Cape Town based Director tackle heartbreak in a strange and enduring way.


We had a meeting with her early on in the year, and the concept she came up with got us all excited. The video is everything that was promised. With an incredible cast (Leon Clingman, Chad Phillips, Vinita Petrus and Anna Capraro) hamming it up to the nth degree in slow motion, the video doesn’t let your eyes leave the screen


The artwork for this track was done by our buddy Gareth Steele

Check out the video here

The penultimate release from Those Meddling Kids



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