RAMFEST is back

RAMFEST is back

                             Posted: Aug 05 2018

That’s right, metalheads, scenekids, and other alternative types – RAMFEST is making a return.

3 August saw the Real Alternative Music Festival putting out graphics on Twitter and Facebook announcing its return.

“RAM. IS. BACK,” said the festival on Facebook.  “It’s been a tough few years without the RAM, but we’re excited to get this beast back in its stride, one baby-lamb step at a time. We are re-entering the alternative music realm with some smaller projects and your support is what will help us grow and bring those headlining artists that we’ve all been craving.”

No word yet on venues, prices or line-up, but further announcements will apparently be made on 14 August so be sure to keep an eye on the RAMFEST page, as well as our site for updates.

The festival announced its return this August



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