Fun and free things to do in Joburg

Fun and free things to do in Joburg

                             Posted: Dec 07 2017

City living can be pricey. Luckily, there’s loads of fun (and free!) things to do in the city of Joburg that can make for a great day out. If you’re looking to get out of the house and have some fun, without putting any extra pressure on your pockets, check out our list below.

Go gallery-hopping

Joburg is home to an incredible amount of galleries and all of them are free and open to the public. If you’re in Rosebank, check out Goodman, Gallery 2, CIRCA, Everard Read, SMAC and more. If Braam’s where you’re at, visit Stevenson, Grayscale, Kalashnikovv and WAM, or if you’re closer to Maboneng, check out the Cosmopolitan complex, AGOG, MOAD, David Krut, or Hazard. There’s also the Johannesburg Art Gallery and the Standard Bank Art gallery. What are you waiting for? Go and feast your senses on some amazing art!

Explore the city’s parks

With all these cars and skyscrapers around, it can be easy to forget just how much greenery we have in the city. Jozi’s list of beautiful and expansive public parks includes the James and Ethel Gray Park, the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, Zoo Lake, The Wilds, the Melville Koppies, Delta Park, and Rhodes Park to name just a few. Many of them are dog-friendly, and all of them are perfect spots to take a book and a packed lunch.

Visit the James Hall Museum of Transport

The James Hall Museum of Transport in Johannesburg is the largest and most comprehensive museum of land transport in South Africa. Free and open to the public, the museum’s collection features animal-drawn vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles, buses, motorcars, steam-driven vehicles and much more. In a city as bustling as Joburg, it’s even more special to see how far we’ve come in terms of land transport over the years.

Go graffiti hunting

Jozi is easily one of the most graffiti-centric cities in SA. Our artists are highly skilled in the practice of urban and street art and it shows across the many stretches of concrete throughout the city. In areas such as Newtown, Westdene, and Maboneng, legal graffiti pieces and murals are actively encouraged and make for some truly vibrant walls. Grab a friend, pack your camera, or just make sure your phone is fully charged, and make a day out of seeking out the city’s most beautiful works of art.

Seek out incredible views

Catching a lift up to the top of the Carlton Tower isn’t the only way to take in the sweeping beauty of the city from above. Quick drives or planned out hikes up to spots such as the Northcliff Ridge, The Melville Koppies, or even a short walk through The Wilds, are excellent ways to gain a new perspective on the city while getting a breath of much needed fresh air, too.     

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