Go and see this group sculpture show

Go and see this group sculpture show

                             Posted: Jan 10 2018

Towards the end of 2017, when all we could think about were our vacation plans, Everard Read and CIRCA Gallery launched the exhibition, Off The Wall: A Group Sculpture Show. Now, back at our desks and ready to jump into the new year, we went through to catch the tail end of the show.

Featuring artists such as Brett Murray, Deborah Bell, Setlamorago Mashilo, Grace Da Costa, and Amber-Jade Geldenhuys to name a few, Off The Wall features a vast range of works. “The show”, says the accompanying exhibition statement, “invites the viewer to move through both gallery spaces and explore the vast array of works on display by many of our favorite South African artists. The diverse range of mediums and exploration of subject matter is testament to how dynamic our artists can be.”

On exhibit are vast and awe-inspiring works that traverse all manners of scale, concept, and ideology. CIRCA gallery includes large-scale steel works by Blessing Ngobeni as well as a few playful pieces by Neill Wright which take the form of oversized bottle caps, each promising their own miracle cure.

The Everard Read space is occupied by stand-out pieces such as Rodan Kane Hart’s Western Death Masks II – a series of delicate tin-foil faces – and a substantial bronze work by Norman Catherine entitled Joyride (Maquette) which sees one of Catherine’s signature sculpted heads atop the back of a hulking creature. The smaller twin of this sculpture also sits in the window of CIRCA.

All in all, the exhibition is a fantastic testament to South Africa’s talented artists working within the realms of sculpture. There are playful pieces and serious pieces, small delicate sculptures, and large, ominous ones. Even if you’re not too clued up on the practice of sculpture-work, Off The Wall will have you leaving with a new-found appreciation for the artform.

Off The Wall: A Group Sculpture Show is on at Everard Read and CIRCA in Rosebank until 20 January 2018. Find out more about the show here.

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