CHROMA718 comes to Everard Read

CHROMA718 comes to Everard Read

                             Posted: May 13 2018

In an effort to challenge the perception of modern day womxn, Kilmany-Jo Liversage will be presenting a collection of paintings at Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg, titled CHROMA718.

Liversage’s new body of work features her signature highly textured, bright and brazen colour applications, and use of urban materials related to street art and urban environments. Her female subjects, she explains, are meant to challenge the viewer and are represented in such a way as to represent a subtle form of activism on gender based issues in South Africa.

CHROMA718 represents the contemporary female subject as a celebrated, powerful being. Her subject matter is sourced from social media platforms, thus referencing today’s youth and their interests, and contemporary pop culture.

Catch the exhibition opening at Everard Read gallery this 14 June.

The exhibition will challenge perceptions about womxn



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