Super Mario Odyssey Pre-Launch

Super Mario Odyssey Pre-Launch

Super Mario Odyssey is yet another exciting 3D platform video game which will be released on the Nintendo Switch. This game has Mario leaving the Mushroom Kingdom along with his friend Cappy to reach an unknown open world in an effort to save Princess Peach from marrying Bowser.



This game will see the player becoming Mario as he travels to different Kingdoms on his hat shaped ship, the Odyssey.  In each kingdom Mario will be searching for and clearing different objectives in order to obtain things known as Power Moons which will enable him to power up the Odyssey and grant Mario access to new Kingdoms within the game. With the help of heroic, hat-shaped Cappy, Mario's got new moves that'll make you rethink his traditional run-and-jump gameplay—like cap jump, cap throw, and capture.



In addition to Mario classic moves, like triple-jumping and wall-jumping, Mario is also able to throw out his cap, which is possessed by Cappy’s spirit. The cap can be thrown in different directions to attack enemies and it can also be used as a temporary platform. When the cap is thrown at particular objects, enemies, or non-playable characters, Mario has the ability to take possession of them, officially referred to as "capturing", which allows him to use unique abilities. For example, Mario will be able possess a Bullet Bill to fly across large gaps, a bolt of electricity to climb up electric wires, just to name a few. From start to finish Mario will be able pick up coins, including ones that are unique to each kingdom, these coins can be spent on items such as new hats and outfits, some of these items are required for completing certain objectives.



Another great thing about this game is that one can play it with a friend, because just by passing the other player a Jon Con Controller, the one player will be able to control Mario and the second player will have the ability to control Cappy. The game also has a photo mode that allows players to use free-moving camera to take as well as save screenshots and it also features filters and stickers. Odyssey themed Amiibos can also be used to scan and provide hints to finding power moons. 

This game is one that promises a lot of fun for people of different ages, launching on the 27th of October people will get to experience why it was named the most popular game of 2017 when it was shown at this year's E3.


Forget Mushroom Kingdom, there are other incredible places to explore and you’re the first to be invited. The Odyssey officially departs on 27 October 2017, but from 6 to 14 October you can hop on board before anyone else to join Mario and his sidekick, Cappy on a massive, globe-trotting 3D adventure. Book your seat for exclusive playtime of the most anticipated Nintendo game title of the year. Get down to Sandton City Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone (BC21a) and be one of the first to play Super Mario Odyssey before launch.


Fri 6 Oct 2017
10:00 pm


Sandton City
0B 5th Street, Sandown

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Bookings:(011) 217-6000 < <

Super Mario Odyssey, the biggest gaming title to hit Nintendo Switch this year.


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