Splash! The Water Circus

Splash! The Water Circus

What started in Russia on a small scale has now blown into a full scale water extravaganza!

SPLASH! is a circus for the modern age, consisting of a variety of circus genres but with a unique, visual twist. The traditional acts look completely different as they are displayed in – or above – a 12-metre-diameter pool of water!

Accompanying this is a dazzling lighting and laser show, which perfectly displays the impressive body manipulation and contortion feats among a series of water fountains.

To avoid disappointment, make sure you get your tickets here ASAP.


Sat 19 Aug 2017
3:00 pm


Silverstar Casino
25 Falls Road, Diswilmar AH

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Bookings:(011) 662-7300 < <

The Hit Production comes to SA!


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